Black and in business

have you ever looked at one of the kids around you and think they will have there own business by the time there 5.most likely not right. well these kids show that just because your young doesn’t mean you cant have the mind set of a businessmen or woman. these kids clearly didn’t let there age stop then for anything. for instants miss Gabrielle Jordan.Gabrielle Jordan knew from a very early age that she didn’t want to work for anyone else. She started her own business, Jewelz of Jordan, when she was just 9 years old. Gabrielle, now 15, is also the founder of ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute, which hopes to inspire more young people to be entrepreneurs. She has become the youngest member of the Black Speakers Bureau and has already given a TEDx Talk on entrepreneurship. Her book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur: A Kid’s Guide to Developing the Mind-Set for Success, written under the name Gabrielle J. Williams, was a best-seller on This year she was honored as a M.A.D. Girl at BET’s Black Girls Rock 2015. “When I reflect back on my life, I want it to be filled with big dreams, big actions and big accomplishments, and that’s what I want for others,” she said to BET.

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