leap year

Lots of people wonder why leap year happens every 4 year. Not many people really know why leap year happens we just know it happens.  Your year is about to get one day longer. Monday, Feb. 29 is leap day, the day inserted into the calendar every four years to keep our calendar operating smoothly. This extra day makes the year 366 days long, instead of 365 days like regular years.                                                                     

Are you eating yourself to death

Do you really watching what you eat?  Most likely not right well its very important cause you could be eating yourself to death. Do you want to know how to watch you weight it easy. Try to give up something that you want cause that most likely what you don’t need. If you think you can’t do that on your first time try to  eat very little of something then eat more greens. Or you can just eat healthy and ever once a week you can celebrate by eating a junk food.                                                          

$89 zip-up jacket

According to the people in San Francisco they have made the best jacket. Begin made with all natural products and cotton to get it soft everyone want one and if you don’t your missing. With its expansion into new factories, the company has begun selling T-shirts, sweatpants, and a women’s line. In the meantime, demand for the sweatshirts hasn’t slowed. The hoodie is currently sold out of most sizes and colors.  American Giant

F.B.I Phone

is your iPhone really securing your private business. according to recent news the F.B.I had the iPhone company break in to a San Diego shooters iPhone but now people are worried that this will happen to them. but the owner of i phone told them that theirs no  need to fear cause they only do that i there crime involved lets hope they keep there word. All-iphones