mickey mouse is done

mickey mouse is done. No the whole thing was a joke and was written in 2011. Mickey mouse isn’t going any where cause if he leaves so is Disney and we all know that’s going to stay forever. it was i nice joke but lets not worry about that lets worry about how have Disney.  http://www.magicalkingdoms.com/blog/2011/04/01/exclusive-mickey-mouse-to-retire/

ll cool j Entrepreneur

Standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window at the top of Sony’s New York headquarters, LL Cool J is rapping again. His words aren’t rhyming, necessarily, but his cadence and vigor could have been pulled directly from “Mama Said Knock You Out.”

He’s talking about his latest venture—a company called Boomdizzle, whose flagship product, My Connect Studio, allows artists and producers to digitally record, edit and produce music in real time, even if they’re oceans apart. Think of it as Google Docs, but for music.

“Prior to this you had to email songs back and forth a thousand times, it was the Pony Express to get music made,” he says. “It’s a problem I had as a musician that needed to be solved. And we solved it.”

Daddy Yankee experience

Daddy Yankee the Godfather of reggeaton, the Puerto Rican singer slowly morphs into a mogul, not only dominating music, but also breaking into acting, production, charitable causes, and business ventures. He never forgets where he came from; the impetus for starting his Fundacion Corazon Guerrero, a  non-for-profit that helps incarcerated youths find jobs and get back in school.Yankee strongly believes in the power of youth and therefore uses his very public image to promote education. His space Casa Vela is a place for kids 6-16 and are HIV positive.  Casa Vela provides the following benefits to these children: emotional and psychological support.                                                                             download (2)

the toast test

Tom wujec came up with the theory of how to make toast. Now it might sound weird cause almost everyone knows how to do it but you’d be surprised on what comes out of it. There are many different ways of on making toast but they all have something in commend an idea.  That toast is getting made meaning there might be 5 million ideas but they all have one thing in commend what there trying to do or go for. I think that’s why lots of people say all ideas are good ideas. But in way when you think of it theirs only one thing to know someway it will happen.                                  

money management

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyX_PLSoJlw Let be honest how many can really manage there money. Not many people do and for the people who don’t what you need to do is learn how by asking or making a plan. For those who don’t now how to make a plan its simple forget all the stuff you want and do the stuff you have to do first . Like pay bills buy food and leave your want for later. it no t hard to do just add it all up and if that’s all you got that all you need top spend no more no less.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyX_PLSoJlw

the girl with a dream

A girl with a dream miss Maya Penn has touch hearts of many with her dreams by making them come to life. Her animation creation has a story to tell in each thing she does. at a young age she pursued to what most wont start tell high school or even college. she started all this at the age of 3 and from there she made here own clothing line. Her parents taught her at a young age to give back and that we she does  by giving 20% of her profits to Eco-friendly and to inspirational charity’s. she only 13 today but has done more then most she going to be one of the world most loved inspiration.